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MY EXPRESSO CANTEEN Nowadays, canteens are so much congestive and crowded. Students in organizations have limited period of break time. So to reduce complexity and time of students and canteens we are developing a Web Application named as My Expresso Canteen. We are developing a solution for both canteen and students.n our application students can place order to any canteen from their own devices using internet browsers and canteens are able to process that vice-versa. Users can directly register and login into our
AUTOMATIC TOLL PLAZA "Today, due to the increase in the vehicles, there is a lot of gathering of the traffic at the toll plaza. The main reason for this traffic at the toll plaza is due to the manual working of the toll tax collection at the plaza. Each vehicle on an average needs to stop at the toll plaza for about a minute for the payment of the toll tax. In order to decrease this traffic, we decided to work on the construction of a project which reduces the manual work and hence increases the vehicle speed passin
TALENT HUB "India is one of the largest country and their are lots of people who have lots of talent but they cannot get a proper stage to show their talent. So we provide them a stage to show their talent by giving auditions to the casting directors.This project mainly focuses on the Acting talent of the people who wants to show their Acting on thesocial media level. The Actings like comedy, drama, romance, emotional, action, angry, serious etc which are hidden talents of acting, we provide a platform to
TAG-ALLY Our game Bomb Fuss is a 2D side view platformer multiplayer game mixed with action and strategic elements , where one player who is tagged carries the bomb which he has to pass it to another player by throwing it before it explodes ,the defending player uses his abilities and gadgets to defend himself from the tagged player, there will be 3 rounds in each match and in each match there will be maximum of 4/6 players , player will be randomly selected to spawn with the bomb , each player will hav
SAVE LIFE "Blood is one of the most important elements of human body. We have about 4 to 6 litres of blood in our bodies depending on size. Millions of people need blood every year. There are about tens of thousands of pints of blood that are needed every day. Due to deficiency of blood a person can suffer from serious health issue and may even die. Medical science cannot produce blood but with the blessing of medical science blood can be transferred from one person to another. A lot of people’s live ca