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Exo Skeleton Suit Student Name:- (1)Shah Harsh V. (130504119005) (2)Rathore Abhishek B. (120504119005) (3)Kulabkar Aakash U (120504119004) Guided By:- Asst. Prof. Sharad Chhantbar ABSTRACT:- Capacity of human beings to lift weights is limited to certain limits. Also it’s a tiresome job to carry heavy weights. For ex. A soldier has to carry heavy machine guns and heavy bombs, person working in garage has to lift heavy parts of trucks.This gives rises
Performance Analysis Of Two Wheeler Engine By Using The Supercharger Student Name:- (1) Teli Ankitkumar U. (120500119014) (2) Patel Vivek R. (110500119064) (3) Patel Dipeshkumar G (120500119034) (4) Patel Sagarkumar S (120500119036) Guided By:- Asst. Prof. Sharad Chhantbar ABSTRACT:- There are many inventions aimed at increasing the performance of IC engines. So most engines now days are employed with supercharger it is know that the power output of an engine increases with t
Human Power Vehicle Student Name:- (1) Harsh Panchal (140500119525) (2) Hardik Panchal (130500119522) (3) Jay patel (140500119536) Guided By:- Asst. Prof. Bhumin Patel ABSTRACT :- Our main reason behind develop this vehicle was to helping physical handicap person. With help of this vehicle they earn some money. They can transport some luggage with help of this vehicle.
Power Generation by Speed Breaker Energy is the basic need for the development of the modern world. For meeting up the regular demand of energy we need to design a system that will produce electricity without destroying the nature. This paper attempts to show how man has been utilizing and optimizing kinetic energy. Researches show that the world has already had its enough shares of its energy resources. Fossil fuels pollute the environment. Nuclear energy requires careful handling of both raw as well as waste material. The focu
Wind Power Generation System In present era the growing world and hence the power consumption increases more sources of power are the key factor. Now days the focus on the renewable energy sources increases like solar energy, wind energy. This energy are available free of cost from the atmosphere hence more equipment are developed to utilize this kind of energy. Here wind power generation system develops to utilize the wind energy. The aim of this project was to design and construct a wind power generation system that is ab
Eco Friendly Pedal Floor Cleaning Machine This project is about design, development and manufacturing of eco-friendly pedal powered cleaning machine which will work on human power. A eco-friendly pedal powered floor cleaning machine is developed by keeping best basic consideration for less energy consumption, machine as well as operation cost reduction, environment friendly and easy to handle.