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Unity (Unique Person Identification) Project Is Related To Unique Identification of Users Cards (Credit Card, Debit Card)
Advotary Project Is Related To Lawyer To Store Lawyer Details, Online Vendor Creation and Verified Through the BAR Council of India
Civil Registry Project Is Related To Track The Document Processing In The Local Government Body Like Mamladar Offices
WIRELESS HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM USING ANDROID APPLICATION Home automation system is becoming popular nowadays and enter quickly in this emerging market. However, end users , especially the disable and elderly people due to the complexity and cost , do not always accept this system. Home automation system centralized control of lighting, appliances & other system, to provide improved comfort and energy efficiency.
IOT Based Smart Dustbin In this app, dustbins are provided with low cost embedded device which helps in tracking the level of the garbage bins and an unique ID will be provided for every dustbin in the city so that it is easy to identify which garbage bin is full. When the level reaches the threshold limit, the device will transmit a message with the level of the waste along with the unique ID of the dustbin. These details can be accessed by the concerned authorities from their place with the help of Internet and an im
Biometric Enabled Smart R-Card and Stock Analysis Every User is Provided with a Card which is RFID. The Card is Registered by the Government Authority (First Time-- Say Admin). Once a card is allotted, the User Needs to Bring the Card Every time he visits the Ration Shop to collect the Ration. User is asked for a PIN or password, if PIN or password is valid, then he is subjected to get the Ration.
isee This system will harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide vision by incorporating technology into a wearable device. Which will improves the lives of individuals who are blind, visually impaired, and have reading difficulties. This device will be useful in reading texts materials, identifying different objects, help user to navigate, facial detection and currency denomination. User only have to give vocal commands to operate device. This Device is based on our previous project whi
Human Computer Interection Using Retina There are number of traditional techniques such as Head and Hand Movement Tracking Systems which are use for mouse control some of them hardware part is require, not accurate but here we use real-time retina movement for cursor control by making use of image processing. The system real time track the eye retina and based on retina movement assign the new location to cursor. For that first I will detect the face and then real time track the movement of retina. For assigning the location to cursor
Pattern Classification Using Apriori Algorithm on Real Time Datasets Pattern classification using apriori algorithm on real time data setsbased upon the identification and analysis of purchasing patterns of the customers. Association Rules is data mining techniques used for identifying the relation between one items to another .The Apriori algorithm is used to find frequent item set and mining association rule. It reduces a lot of time of scanning database and so implemented a parallel Apriori algorithm based on MapReduce, which is a framework for processing huge
Team Stack TEAM STACK brings team communication and collaboration into one place so any one can get more work done, whether they belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Whether they are at their desk or on the go they can do group discussion to track the projects on this platform. It lets team to turn ideas into action
Whiz Recliner Whiz means Smart and Recliner means Wheelchair. Whiz Recliner is controlled devices to have self mobility with the help of the user command. It provides an opportunity for visually impaired persons to move from one place to another. New generations of Whiz Recliners are being developed and used which features the use of artificial intelligence.A disabled person is enabled to move independently using a mobile touch screen and a voice recognition which is interfaced with motors through microcontro
SNP Tool This SNPTool will designed to help in managing various projects for a company. It allows easy management and tracking of various projects running in the organization and the people assigned to these projects. An administrator has the overall control of this system that allows him/her to create and remove projects as per the requirements. Allocate start and completion dates for those projects, allocate people to work on those projects and check the project activity status.
I-Tech Fire Controller In this system we will provide a device which can we use in Offices, Classroom, Under Ground Parking, etc. This device detects the unwanted fire at any offices or classrooms etc. Through this device the message will pass on to fire station, hospitals and police station. So, that they can take action immediately. We will add on a sprinkler on the sealing so that it can get activated when the fire occurs and sprinkle the fire extinguisher liquid gas by force at initial stage. So that if the fire i