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Robotic Arm Student Name:- Bhabhor Ankit R.(130503109002) Patel Ankit(120500109001) Patel Sachin J.(120500109017) Patel Chintan(110500109008) INTERNAL GUIDE Mr. Sanket Patel ABSTRACT: The robotic arm is consist of several stepper or servo motors, controllers, USB computer connection, and structure of arm with or without camera mounted on structure, which can work like human arm or used to pick up Objects The arm uses combination of electric motors and gear system to move slowly, Controlled by the
Automatic electric changeover system using microcontroller with PC interface Student Name:- JAYVEER T.GOHIL(130504109001) MILAN H.PATANVADIA(110500109041) SANDEEP SHARMA(120500109061) DIGVIJAY CHARAN(110500109041) INTERNAL GUIDE MR.HARDIK PATEL ABSTRACT Day by day there are growth of different types of industries in the world. For meeting the large supply demand and good quality of the power it is necessary to have continuous and reliable power around clock. It is also take care that power supply should not be interrupt due to any fault and outage. So it is neces
Intgrated Prepaid Water Meter Student Name:- ModiMihir M(110500109060) Jadhav Kartik V(120500109012) PagareShubham P(120500109024) PuwarNilima S(130503109010) INTERNAL GUIDE Ms. Paragi Shah Abstract TheIntegrated Prepaid Water Meter System is a technology for prepaid billing of water along with sufficient monitoring of the water meter readings automatically from a remote place without any human intervention. This system promises fast and accurate billing of water as well as prevents any misuse of it. In this project,
Dual Axis Solar Tracker Student Name:- JOSHI KRUNAL HARIVISHNU(100500109025) JADAV PRATIK(100500109034) DAMOR HITENDRA(100500109056) INTERNAL GUIDE: VILAS CHAUDARI ABSTRACT People in underprivileged countries could benefitfrom the use of a solar distributed genratation system. To provide an efficient solar distributed generation system , a scaled down dual-axis solar tracker was designed, built and tested . At maximum ,the solar tracker was perpendicular to the height source by 1.5 degrees. The built system had
PREVENTION OF LOSSES IN PLANT DUE TO DISCONTINUTY OF POWER Student Name:- MILAN PATEL(100500109053) INTERNAL GUIDE Ms.Paragi shah EXTERNAL GUIDE Mr.SaurabhMahajan (Electro Therm Ind. Ltd) ABSTRACT As a part of GTU’s “KHOJ YATRA” we visited G.S.F.C (Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.) There we were appointed at UREA 1,MELAMINE 2 plant Here we found a fault, phased by company which led big Production loss and also damage to critical equipment. The Fault was due to lighting on “JhwarNagar Feeder” Line-2,132 KV GETCOLine. Al
FAULT DETECTION USING PLC AND SCADA Student Name:- DHARA CHAUHAN(110500109001) VAIDEHI MEHTA(110500109011) Internal guide Miss PRUTHA BHATT External guide Mr.ASHISH CHAUHAN Abstract As we have selected “FAULT DETECTION USING PLC” after observing a lot of projects, because we have observed that automation is widely used in most of the companies for various processes. In today’s generation it is needed in each field. Thus all the process needs a few operators to control automation .Many processes are done in a plant so
Smart Solar Inverter Student Names: Rajeshree Thakor (160503109535), Dipika Rampooriya (160503109527), Mayuri Rohit (160503109531), Tiwari Pooja (140500109538). INTERNAL GUIDE: Mr. Viral Patel. This work on the basis of solar charged inverter that uses the battery voltage of the inverter as well as utilization time of the loads which the user chosen to run. As the use of renewable energy source as solar energy, eco friendly power generation is possible.
Adaptive Communication Between Dumb and Blind People using Wireless Glove Student Name: Ruchi Shah (150500109025), Mehta Aditi (150500109009), Kamboj Sweta (150500109031), Neeshuprasad Mahto (150500109008). Internal Guide: Mr. jay Ray. People living with blindness and deafness faced challenges in virtually every aspect of their daily home, work and social lives. This project is based on the physical impaired people who are not able to walk. Listen and seen. With this glow, a deaf blind loam user should be able to communicate with any literate person. In this way, the