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" Image Processing Based Coma Patient Monitoring System With Feedback " This project investigates about the effects seen in the patient using “image processing based coma patient monitoring system with feedback” which is a very advanced product related to physical changes in body movement of the patient and measure heartbeat as well as temperature of patient using heartbeat sensor and temperature sensor.
" Web Based Wireless Monitoring an Controlling System using Android Application " This project proposes a review on WIFI control system of smart appliances based on Zig-Bee wireless sensor network. Status of the home appliances can be queried and controlled through the controller and mobile application. The proposed work presents the design and implementation of a wireless sensor network based home appliances system with a modular self-re-configurable remote controller or Android application
" Energy Management in AC Appliances Using Automated Power Supply " Generally when we go out of house we forget to switch off the light, fan, appliances too sometimes, which is an unnecessary wastage of energy.This system has two type of power sources “Conventional Energy Sources” and “Non-Conventional Energy Sources”. With help of smart energy conservation system we can turn “ON” appliances as per our requirement only by inserting a coin. The “Non-Conventional Energy Sources” we are storing in battery bank for future use.
" Folk Letter Using Crane with Scanner " In this project the folk letter scan the object by using RFID Scanner and command crane to place identified object at appropriate place. It describes the radio frequency identification (RFID)-based steel coil identification system for supply chain management in the steel and iron industry. During crane operation, coil information is automatically updated by reading an RFID tag which is attached to the coil.
" Gesture based carrozzela using Android " An Android App is created to utilize the phone’s sensors and Bluetooth technology to control the motor control system wirelessly. The Android phone can be placed on the person’s body, residual limb or hand and drive the wheelchair by simply leaning the phone in the direction of the desired motion. The phone operates a control box which is interfaced to the current wheelchair motors. The control box, when turned on, controls the wheelchair in a similar manner as the manufacturer’s control b
DESIGN AND DEVELEOPMENT OF E-WATCH SYSTEM ON WASTE COLLECTION VEHICLE In this project we are going to make an electronic circuit to make a watch on waste collecting vehicles and waste collection bins. In this system we are using R.F of 2.4 GHz frequency for communication. Controlling part is controlled using ATMega16 controller and for sensing purpose we are using IR sensor to indicate dustbin is full or not we are using. Different LEDs for each dustbin and it has also individual sensors. We are going to attaches two sensors in every dustbin one is for empty and
LNBC Physical Status Monitoring System on PDA (Parabolic Dish Antenna) project is based on domain embedded system and Robotics. An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function for specific task in which microcontroller programming is used, often real time constrains. Microcontroller chip is as a system on a chip which contains a little amount of inbuilt RAM, ROM, Flash memory itself. A robot is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry. A Robot is a
PLC BASED INDUSTRIAL TIME MANAGEMENT WITH SAFETY INTEGRATION Industrial automation system has been developed for purpose of time management, security, controlling and monitoring. The main concept is to form a time management system with safety integration for industries because it gives user a comfortable environment to use employees. Time Management systems have captured several technologies so far and many products are available in the market. PLC based time management with safety integration system, is been designed using basic programmabl