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Mobile Emergancy Service(MES)- AT HELP! Student Name: - (1) Shah Neel H. (2)Patel Brinda T. (3)Shah Parth R. Guided By:-Kishori Shekokar Abstract:- Emergencies typically occur in cases like road accident, cardiac problems, and convulsions and so on. As Compared to developed countries with proper emergency systems in place, there is no single system, which could play a major role in managing emergency medical services in India. Thus, Mobile emergency service- At Help! will prove to be an emergency Medical system will be much
LAKSHARTH – 21st Century Education System Student Name: - (1) Shabhani Nikhil K. (2)Patel Smit B. (3)Tandel Hitesh S. Guided By: - Sheshang Degadwala Abstract: - Laksharth is a shankrit word. It’s made from “laksanika + Samarth”. Meaning of laksanika is “technically teaching” and meaning of Samarth is “able”. Together it become “able to teach technically”. Main aim of laksharth is to convert all government school in to a school where everything is handled by a computer system, so all task will be in schedul
E-Scholarship System Student Name:-(1)Patel Sagar J. (2)Patel Mihirkumar D. (3)Nagdev Mayurkumar (4)Patel Nikita (5)Patel Harshil N. Guided By:-Mr. Nimit Modi Abstract:-The main objective of the project is to improve transparency of the pre-matric and post matric scholarships management system for students of SC-ST, OBC, Needy Student, below line of income and for minority community. System develops an online 24X7 application submission system, so as to facilitate submission of application from anywhere. It d
College Notifier Student Name:-(1)Pothiwala Atirek L. (2)Mathur Viveksingh S. Guided By:-Mrs. Kishori Shekokar Abstract:- The college notifier is a simple institution android app which provides a handy notice board. Admin/Role based user can share Notices/ Files, etc & also manage academic services or other related services. Users can also make a user Created broadcast group. For academic forms, a PDF file can be generated after filling the form with digital signature/image. Every post / update will be send t
Restaro Plus Student Name:-(1)Pandya Dimple N. (2)Patel Aakanksha N. (3)Patel Shreya D. (4)Modi Grishma M. Guided By:-Mr. Nishant Khatri Abstract:-In current restaurant management system lots of paper work is involved so the system is very time consuming no proper record available which leads to difficulty in manual report generation. Customer has any query or any complain about food then it can take so much time to solved it. Also manual work is always leads to an error. In such system can have bad ove
Student Review And Time Table Management System Student Name:-(1)Dhangar Falguni S. (2)Patel Pooja B. (3)Patel Megha N. Guided By:-Mr. Sheshang Degadwala Abstract:-Students are not able to provide the neutral review of faculties due some academic terms. That means management need other tools that will protect their organization against unfair treatment from faculty or staff member and bring attention . This system provides some ways where student and management can work together to protect organizations reputations and promote a fair mar
Physics Rider Student Name:-(1)Patel Hardip D. (2)Rajput Nayan V. (3)Panawala Pratik M. Guided By:-Mrs. Kishori Shekokar Abstract:-Game is problem solving activity, approached with playful attitude. Games are an exercise of voluntary control system, in which there is a contest between powers, confined by rules in order to produce disequilibrial outcome. This system developed screen-scroller puzzle 2D physics game which involves a character which travels on the guidelines of lines.
Real Time Face Tracking and Identification for Surveillance System Student Name : 1) Sagar Pandya 2) Vidisha Patel 3) Udita Doshi 4) Shraddha Shah Abstract: Real Time Face Tracking and Identification for Surveillance System will assist security Persons in keeping track of all the people entering and leaving a secured zone. The core functionality of Real Time Face Tracking and Identification for Surveillance System will allow real time tracking and recognition of human faces in a video stream. It will have additional features like tracking of specified person.
Hand Gestures Control Media Player Student Name : 1) Mansha Gor 2) Krupa Patel 3) Anuj Patel 4) Harsh Thakkar Abstract : The major input devices one uses while operating a computer are keyboard and mouse. But there are a wide range of health problems that affects many people nowadays, caused by the constant and continuous work with the computer. So Gesture is a best way to give input to the device. Gesture is one of the most vivid and dramatic way of communications between human and computer. Hence, there has been a growing int