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Name of Lab Major Subject Major Equipment Photo
1 Heat Transfer Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer Thermal Conductivity Of Insulating Powder, T
2 Fluid Power Engineering Fluid Power Engineering, Thermal Engineering Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig, Impect Of Jet
3 Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Design, Machine Design and Industrial Drafting, Computer Integrated Manufacturing CNC Machine, 50 Computers having Auto Cad an
4 Auto Mobile Engineering Automobile Engineering Cut section of 2 stroke Engine, Breaking Sys
5 Internal Cumbustion Engine Internal Cumbustion Engine Single cylindwer diesel Engine test rig with
6 Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Vapour Absorption Trainer, Refrigeration Tut
7 Mechanical Measurement & Metrology Mechanical Measurement & Metrology Temperature Measurement Module, Strain Measu
8 Material Science and Metallurgy Material Science and Metallurgy Muffle Furnace, Microscope, Grinding Machine
9 Engineering Graphics Engineering Graphics, Kinematics of Machinery Isometric Wooden Objects
10 Elements of Mechanical Engineering Elements of Mechanical Engineering, Power Plant Engineering Flange Coupling, Split Muff Coupling, Multip
11 Workshop Workshop, Production Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Lath Machines, Milling Machines, Electric Ha
12 Dynamics of Machine Dynamics of Machine Whirling of shaft Apparatus, Shock Absorber
13 Theory of Machines Theory of Machines Energy of Flywheel, Governor, Cam Analysis A
14 3D Prininting Laboratory Computer Aided Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing 3D Printer